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Before You Hire A Handyman

Before you grab the first one that you accidentally bump into, here are a few steps to make sure that you get the exact Handyman you want.

Before You Initiate A Service Request:

    • Walk through your home and list the small repairs needed.  Ex. dripping faucet, faulty porch light switch, etc
    • Get organized before you make the call.  Keep a list of all repairs near your phone so that you can give the Handyman a good idea of the job size before they come to your home.
    • Make a list of other items of concern or the ones you think might get worse.                    
    • Decide if you will be able to afford all the repairs at once, or if you want them done in phases.                                       

    When Your Handyman Arrives

    • Ask for his MHIC License.
    • Describe each repair.
    • Decide on a hourly rate, or per job rate.  Realize that most Handyman front-load the first hour.

    Ideas to Consider

    • Handymen don't just fix squeaky doors and holes in the wall, they are carpenters who can do almost anything.  If you have a larger project, ask him if he's interested.  If he is, you already have someone that you trust to do the work.
    • Your Handyman can also give some preventive tips for your home.  If you have time, bend his ear for any advice.

    Maryland Home Improvement Commission
    MHIC No. 97138

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