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Facility Maintenance Services in Crofton Maryland

Our Facility Maintenance Services program specializes in all aspects of commercial building maintenance and disaster recovery services including general carpentry and handyman repairs, remodeling, fixture installation, flooring, painting, ceiling repairs, exterior maintenance, plumbing, electrical, flood and fire damage.

Our facility maintenance program can inspect electrical issues.  Upon completion of an electrical inspection, a full report will be provided with repair recommendations.

We check HVAC systems for operational performance and can perform more detailed HVAC inspections. We consistently keep our clients informed and will provide our clients with the results of the inspections and suggestions for necessary repairs.

As a part of our facility maintenance process, we visually inspect the complete plumbing system and water test all locations to make sure the system functions properly. Should there be any water damage at a property we can also perform a more intrusive inspection to determine the source of the problem.

Carpet and vinyl replacement is a regular part of our repair work. For carpets in good existing condition, cleaning may be performed. Clients can select from a variety of vinyl, carpet and pad types for their program installations. We can also refinish, repair and replace wood and tile flooring.

We offer general carpentry work to repair a property which may include anything from missing trim work, broken or missing doors, fascia and soffit work, to complete cabinet replacement.

Interior & Exterior Painting
Exterior paint is evaluated for oxidation, peeling, chipping, worn or faded areas. We can either pressure wash exterior paint that is in good condition, or repaint the property with the client’s choice of standard colors. Interior paint will typically include painting doors/trim/ceilings and walls throughout with a two coat system.

Lawn Maintenance
Our Facility Maintenance cut schedules can be established as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on seasonal needs. Typical maintenance services include: mowing front, sides, and back yard, edging walkways, weed eating, trimming shrubs, weeding flower beds, and removing all clippings.

Maryland Home Improvement Commission
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