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Rental Property Solutions in Crofton Maryland

Our Rental Property Solution program allows landlords to choose the rental property maintenance services that best suit their needs. We ensure the highest level of quality is achieved by focusing on vendors completing the work in accordance with SmallJobs standards and client requirements. Our goal is to maintain rental property properties so they appear indistinguishable from owner occupied properties.

Securing/Initial Re-keys
If a rental property is found vacant, we will secure the rental property to include: changing locks on exterior doors, installing lockbox (coded per client requirements), boarding windows or doors as needed, securing entrance gates to rental property, posting emergency contact notice, securing pool if applicable, and providing photos of completed work.

Trash Removal
Removal of all debris from the interior and exterior of the rental property, hazardous material, any outside items that detract from curb appeal (Christmas lights, dog houses, tree-forts, etc.), and vehicles are towed.

Initial Lawn Cut
Initial lawn service is completed to the highest standards, providing curb appeal and pride of ownership. This service includes mowing the front, sides, and backyard of the rental property, weed eating, shrub trimming, edging, weeding flower beds, and removal of clipping.

Sales Clean
A Sales Clean is performed with great detail, transforming the interior of the rental property into move-in ready condition.  This service includes: vacuum carpets, wet-mop vinyl and tile floors, clean all sinks, cabinets, countertops, commodes, bathtubs and showers.  In addition, all appliances are emptied and cleaned and air fresheners are placed on sink tops.

To ensure a rental property is safe and secure, we will remove all broken glass from damaged windows. Windows will then be boarded according to HUD specifications.

We will schedule winterizations per client specifications.  Winterizations may include, but limited to: draining hot water tanks, commodes, and all water lines; use of an air compressor to flush water lines and pressure-test system for possible leaks; adding Propylene Glycol (antifreeze) to all commodes, sinks, drains and traps; we will zip-tie lines closed and secure all water main in the closed position.  Notices will be clearly posted containing the date of winterization and contact information.

Maryland Home Improvement Commission
MHIC No. 97138

SmallJobs, LLC is a BBB Accredited Handyman Service in Gambrills, MD